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How to put wallpapers on your PSP

Once you have downloaded a wallpaper from our site you might get stuck on how to actually put it on your psp and enable it. Well then this guide is definitely for you!

Step 1) Plug your usb cable into your psp and your computer and on your psp go to settings and go down to usb connection.

Step 2) Now switch back to your pc and click Start (in the bottom left) then on the right hand side go to “My Computer” then on the section “Devices with removable Storage” you should find a folder named PSP. Open this folder.

Step 3) When you open this folder you should see a folder that is named “PHOTO” in capital letters. If you don’t then click file -> new -> folder and rename it “PHOTO” in capitals.

Step 4) Open this folder and now copy paste your wallpaper you downloaded into this folder. Wait for the wallpaper to copy into this folder. Once you have done this you can now disconnect your psp by pressing “o” on your psp.

Step 5) On your psp scroll to the Photo section and find the wallpaper you have just put on your psp. Once you have done this press triangle on your psp now click the “set as wallpaper” option. Once you have done this your psp wallpaper should now be active and you should be able to see it!

If you cant see it please comment on here for some help.


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    is nice

  2. is nice car

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